Residential design intertwines the unique narratives of its inhabitants and the vibrant spirit of their communities. Each project is a canvas where residents’ values, lifestyles, and aspirations come to life, creating spaces that foster connection and a profound sense of belonging. Attention to details is paramount, from the flow and accessibility of spaces to the selection of amenities, color schemes, and materials, ensuring that every residence is both functional and inviting. Prioritizing health and quality of life, the well-being of residents is central to every design decision.

Understanding the diverse needs of clients and communities, we create adaptable residential designs that celebrate individuality and inclusivity. These spaces are designed to be distinctive, with unique features and enhancements that promote equitable living. By seamlessly integrating advanced technologies, we ensure that our designs are equipped for future advancements, providing a foundation for modern, sustainable living. Our comprehensive approach to residential design creates environments that go beyond mere living spaces, cultivating thriving communities where every resident feels valued and supported.


Mahdi Babai

Member of the Board

M.Arch., Senior Architect, Member of the Board

Hossein Monfared Asl

Member of the Board

M.Sc., Member of the Board, Senior Energy Specialist, EDGE Expert

Farzad Azadkhani

Vice Chairman of the Board

B.Sc., Construction Manager, Vice Chairman of the Board


Nooshin Abolhassani

Ph.D., Senior Architect, Chairman of the Board, Building Energy Specialist


Parisa Najafian

M.Arch., Architect

Farzad Aslani

‌‌Senior Architect

M.Arch. Senior Architect