Interior Design

Interior design is the art of crafting spaces that profoundly influence our daily experiences and overall comfort. At the heart of our design philosophy lies a dedicated understanding of the individuals who inhabit these spaces. Grounded in extensive research, our approach envisions every user journey from initial entry to creating environments that are intuitive, meaningful, and enriching.

With a rich experience across diverse projects, we skillfully blend creativity and functionality to optimize each space. Our designs prioritize warmth, efficiency, and the unique desires of our clients, whether through meticulous renovations or the creation of dynamic living environments. Embracing a holistic perspective, we integrate insights from various sectors to promote innovation and lasting value. Our ultimate goal is to craft interiors that go beyond expectations, creating environments that are not only memorable and versatile but also resilient, enriching the lives of those who inhabit them.


Mahdi Babai

M.Arch., Senior Architect, Member of the Board

Kimia Lavasani

M.Arch., Architect

Farzad Aslani

‌M.Arch. Senior Architect