LCA & EPD Services

We specialize in the analysis and assessment of the impact of various construction products on the environment. Using internationally recognized Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodologies, frameworks, and platforms, we perform thorough analyses of construction materials and products in terms of their global warming potential, ozone depletion potential, solid waste generation, etc. during production, use, and recycling stages.

Collaborating closely with certifiers, we facilitate the acquisition of environmental certificates, called Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for manufacturers. As the market has become more sensitive to the environmental impact of various products in recent years, EPDs are now issued as a standardized way to inform such impacts across various industries.


Morteza Nikravan

Ph.D., Senior LCA and EPD Specialist, DGNB Expert, EDGE Expert

Zahra Kamal

Ph.D., Project Controller

Hamid Zarrabi

Hamid Zarrabi

M.Sc., LCA Specialist