• SEPID is a regional partner for Sintali-SGS For EDGE Sustainability assessment System

  • Sustainability Building Solutions

    We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.

  • Green Architecture

    We create a dialogue among Man, Nature and Architecture

SEPID was founded in 2017 by a multidisciplinary team of experts in sustainability related fields. SEPID stands for Sustainability and Environmental Protection by Integrated Design. We believe the most prominent attribute of green construction is the way it is integrated with the surrounding natural and human environment. If building in Europe, for example, would require paying a great deal of attention to production of clean energy, in an arid climate elsewhere on the planet, the main emphasis might be on water conservation and how to deal with airborne particulate matter.
As a result of these differences, each individual project would require uniquely designed solutions that would suit its specific circumstances.
Our vision is to contribute to designing and building green facilities and infrastructure, which are in tune with the surrounding human and natural environment.

We offer clients a full range of services, from concept through construction. Our firm includes experts in sustainable design and building information modeling who contribute to our projects and create a truly collaborative process.

Green Architecture

Green Architecture makes the operational performance of the project more environmental friendly and more consistent with the social context. Many of the methods used in this regard, add little or nothing to the construction cost.

Integrated Design

An approach to design which brings together specialists usually considered separately. For example architecture, structural engineering and HVAC experts.

Green Building Certificate

Consulting to provide third-party credentialing and verification for several rating systems relating to the built environment.

Facilty Managment

Facility management enables the end user to reduce repair and maintenance costs and to monitor building systems’ performance and repair any malfunctions as soon as it happens. Smart systems joined with cloud storage, have made this easier than ever

High Performance Building

Integrates and optimizes all major high-performance building attributes, including energy efficiency, water efficiency, durability, life-cycle performance, and occupant productivity.

Construction Technology

New construction technologies help improve the design and construction process, which would lead to a better outcome and more customer satisfaction. Building Information Modeling (BIM), Virtual Reality, Augmented reality, drones, robotics, GPS, and cloud computing are some examples of these technologies.

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