Public Centers

Public centers play a crucial role in enhancing community life, offering spaces where people can gather, learn, and engage with one another. SEPID’s approach to designing these centers prioritizes creating environments that are inclusive, adaptable, and sustainable. By integrating high-quality materials and eco-friendly practices, we ensure that these spaces are not only durable but also have a minimal environmental footprint.

Public centers are designed to seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor areas, providing versatile spaces for a variety of activities and events. Focusing on the well-being and comfort of all users, our designs promote health, social interaction, and community engagement. With a commitment to long-term viability, these centers are built to evolve with the community, meeting its changing needs and standing the test of time.


Mahsa Abutorabi


Hadi AL Davoud


Mahdi Babai

M.Arch., Senior Architect, Member of the Board

Maryam Babaizade


Hoda Homayooni

Amir Parnianpoor

Mohammad Razavizadeh

Mahdi Lolachian