Proper engineering will ensure that the architectural design intent is realized, and will inform the design team as to impractical aspects of the design that ought to be changed in order to enhance feasibility and constructability.

SEPID’s engineering team is comprised of experienced engineers from the Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Structural, and BMS (Building Management Systems) disciplines. In our integrated design approach, the engineering team is involved from the very beginning of concept development by the architectural team, to improve design efficiency and quality and to ensure that cost and schedule are better controlled during the construction stage.


Seyed Navid AleYasin

B.Sc., Senior BMS and Smart Building Specialist

Hesam Hosseini

M.Sc., Senior HVAC and Safety Specialist

Hossein Monfared Asl

M.Sc., Member of the Board, Senior Energy Specialist, EDGE Expert