In today’s dynamic and fast-paced construction landscape, our expertise in contract management ensures the seamless delivery of successful projects. Acting as the client’s representative, we navigate the complexities of construction projects with precision and expertise.

Our approach focuses on fostering collaboration among stakeholders, including vendors, manufacturers, and contractors, while maintaining stringent quality controls and ensuring regulatory compliance. We provide real-time updates and transparent reporting by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge project management technologies, enhancing decision-making and accountability.

From inception to completion, we manage every detail to deliver sustainable and innovative solutions that meet the client’s vision and exceed industry standards. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and proactive problem-solving guarantees that every project is completed not only efficiently and economically but also with exceptional craftsmanship and attention to details.



Nooshin Abolhassani

Ph.D., Senior Architect, Chairman of the Board, Building Energy Specialist

Farzad Azadkhani

B.Sc., Construction Manager, Vice Chairman of the Board

Farid Azadkhani

B.Sc., Construction Manager, Vice Chairman of the Board