Sustainable/Energy-Efficient Solutions

SEPID is committed to creating sustainable built environments that prioritize human wellness, environmental stewardship, and economic resilience. We evaluate the social, environmental, and economic impacts of our projects, ensuring that each design decision contributes positively to the communities we serve. Our approach seeks to harmonize the needs of people and nature, fostering healthy living, resource conservation, and sustainable growth. By integrating innovative and eco-friendly solutions, we strive to build a future where the built environment and the natural world coexist in harmony, benefitting both current and future generations.



Nooshin Abolhassani

Ph.D., Senior Architect, Chairman of the Board, Building Energy Specialist

Hossein Monfared Asl

M.Sc., Member of the Board, Senior Energy Specialist, EDGE Expert

Morteza Nikravan

Ph.D., Senior LCA and EPD Specialist, DGNB Expert, EDGE Expert

Naimeh Sadeghi

Ph.D., Construction Technologies Specialist, EDGE Expert