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Circular Economy, Sustainability, and Resiliency

By: Hamidreza Hasheminasab, Sustainability Assessment Specialist Sustainability with its triple pillars (i.e. Social, Environmental, and Economical) ensures the future generation’s ability to fulfill their needs from nature, by preserving the precious natural resources that exist on the planet. Resiliency is the ability of nature to resist man-made environmental turbulences and continue its performance by treating […]

Rethinking our Planetary Boundaries in the Post-Corona Era: The Ball is in Our Court

By: Mohammad Kharrazi,  SEPID’s Sustainability Team Leader The spread of the novel coronavirus causing the disease called COVID-19 has changed the lives of most human beings on this planet, not only temporarily but also permanently in terms of our attitudes towards human life on Earth. This virus has threatened us regardless of our wealth, social […]